Our Plastic Injection Molding Services

Nu-Tech is well-equipped to run large and small-scale plastic injection molding projects. We currently have 14 molding machines, and plan to add more. Our capabilities range from a 33 ton-330 ton capacity. Shot sizes range from 0.87 oz. to 36 oz. We also have 30,000 square feet of warehouse space available for lease. The rate is $6.00 per square foot. Please contact James Inman at 336-725-4700 Ext. 203 (Office); 336-671-8199 (Cell) for additional details.

Microscopic Tig Welding

What microscopic tig welding is…The ability to tig weld all tool steels and non-Ferrous metals with precision and accuracy using a state-of-the-art microscope.

Ideal for…This weld process is ideal for small, intricate welds that cannot be performed using normal tig welding processes.

How…This is accomplished with low amperage inputs and small diameter wires. Filler wires can build reliable welds and can go down to 0.003”. This process is very useful in areas where the risk of warping in the heat-affected zone must be reduced.

Micro Tig Welding Advantages:

·         Achieve a deeper penetration

·         Reach difficult areas

·         Durable and discrete welds

·         Lower cost than remaking the damaged part

·         Fast and less expensive than laser welding

·         Welds as small as 0.005 mean less machining and hardworking is needed