Nu-Tech’s large product line has state-of-the-art firewall Feed-Thru products that meet the requirements of the US Department of Defense (DOD-STD-2003) Navsea drawing #803-500127-1313.  We have a proven solution to provide a watertight, vapor-proof seal where cables enter connection/junction boxes and bulkheads.  Our heat shrinkable material compounds meet the requirements of Mil-I-81765/1A and SAE AS81756/1.  Adhesive lined products meet Mil-I-23053/15A requirements, and our heat-resistant body materials exceed the flame retardant requirements of the U.S. Navy.  (American Wire Gauge) (AWG) I.D. Reference Shelf Life REACH SvHCIP Rating, IP68 Rating, NEMA4X, Dodd-Frank & European RoHS/WEEE & ELV compliant.


Nu-Tech heat shrinkable products are manufactured from specially formulated polyolefin cross-linked compounds allowing these materials to exhibit several unique characteristics:

  • Fast shrinkage upon application of heat above 120°C
  • Continuous operating temperature range from -55°C to 135°C
  • Meets or exceeds standard specifications for Cable Entry Seals (ASTM F1837M)
  • Flame retardant with a flammability rating of non-burning (ASTM D-635)
  • Dielectric strength of 400 minimum, (ASTM D-149) and volume resistivity; Ohm-cm psi (ASTM D-257) 7,880V/mm minimum dielectric performance, (ASTM D-876)
  • Resistant to all known types of corrosion (ASTM D-2671 A)
  • Fungus-growth resistant with a rating of zero (ASTM G-21)
  • Low water absorption percentile maximum 0.1 (ASTM D-570)
  • Good low temperature flexibility with no cracking after four hours at -55°C (ASTM D-2671 C)
  • Excellent heat resistance with no dripping, flowing or cracking at 225°C (ASTM D-2671)
  • Very high tensile strength rubber compound 1,200 to 1,500 psi (ASTM D-412)
  • Slightly heavier than water with a specific gravity of 1.4 (ASTM D-792)
  • Tough yet very flexible with a hardness Shore D: 45+/-5 (ASTM D-2240)
  • High ultimate elongation rating of 250% minimum (ASTM D-412) with more expansion than our competitors
  • Extremely durable with a stiffness maximum of 25,000 psi (ASTM D-747)